(Very) Belated International School Spring Recital and Carnegie Recital Successes!

I have so many congratulations to give from my students’ performances this Spring! What a busy summer it has been - I’m finally able to catch up on giving everyone the recognition they deserve!

Bravo to all who performed in my International School of Music Studio’s Spring Recital in June at Katzen Arts Center:

Tania Aiyar

Aryana Amin-Tehrani

Anna Daly

Elizabeth Daly

Cian Haefele

Miguel Juaregui

Yunhye Kim

Anjani Martins

Ariane Rheiner

Intermezzo Flute Choir: Aryana Amin-Tehrani, Cian Haefele, Sara Manzano, Anjani Martins, Ellie Rubin, and Sophia Wu

And another huge round of applause to my Intermezzo Flute Choir, who won their audition to perform at International School of Music’s Honors Recital this Summer at Carnegie Hall!

Congratulations on your beautiful performance:

Sara Manzano

Anjani Martins

Ellie Rubin

Sophia Wu

Meghan Shanley