All State Audition Requirements Posted


  •  Each student will be asked to perform the chromatic scale and one major scale for their instrument, selected from the following keys: C, F, G, D, A, E, B-Flat, E-Flat, A-Flat.

  • The scales must be performed from memory.

  •  Scales will be selected by the adjudicator according to the level of the selection being performed.

  •  The scales are to be played evenly and smoothly in a 16th note pattern at a metronome speed of quarter note = 72.

  • All scales are to be played ascending and descending a minimum of two octaves.

Required Music:

  • All State Junior Band (Grades 7 - 9): Rubank Advanced, Vol. 1 HL4470390 | #1 - pgs. 38-39 – #18 (top), quarter note = 112-116 | #2 - pg. 40 – #20 (top), quarter note = 58-62

  • All State Senior Band (Grades 10 - 12): Rubank Selected Studies H L04470700 | #1 - pg. 17 – B Minor, quarter note = 46 | #2 - pg. 21 – Giga, dotted quarter note = 72

  • The excerpts of the required pieces will be posted in the warm-up room and at the entrance to each audition room.

    • Flute players wishing to be considered for piccolo parts should bring those instruments with them to the audition and will be asked to demonstrate their proficiency on those instruments.

    • In the event that a student arrives at the audition with the incorrect audition music prepared, the student will be given the correct music and up to an hour to prepare the correct music before the audition.

Sight Reading: 

  • Sight reading will be required.

Meghan Shanley